Thursday, June 17, 2004

AIESEC Weblogs

Ok, I had my rant over at yesterday.

Today, there are new postings by Mike, Digs and Dody thrown into the mix on the issue.

I agree that the stories of folks actively involved in AIESEC 'mission-related' activities (traineeships and MC posts) should be of first priority when things are pinched (like server space, money, other resources, etc).

However, I don't see why the administrators at can't link to other sites external to its server. This way, Dody, Kristie, the Aussie crew, myself and others who were once involved with AIESEC can continue to weblog on free sites such as this without taking up server space (ideally creating a more stable server) yet allowing new alumni and members from around the world to be able to stay connected to the AIESEC community.

For example (and example only, not a political statement), take a look at There they are linking to other sites not hosted by their server but all related to a common theme: Re-electing Bush. Why couldn't the server operate in a similar way? Such that the mainpage would show Recently Updated weblogs from its own server, but also from those individuals who have asked to be linked and tracked as well?

I'm not a techie. But it seems like an awfully simple solution to me.