Tuesday, June 29, 2004

VW Thing

It was to be my first car. My dad bought a 1974 VW Thing in 1995. He told me he was going to fix it up for me and give it to me once I got my drivers license. The problem was that he fell in love with it while fixing it up. And couldn't let her go. So he kept it. And even had the Thing detailed "Pete's Thing". When he moved a few years later, he sold it to make the move smoother (fewer vehicles). Unfortunately, he didn't tell me first so I had no opportunity to buy it from him. And, in all reality, I likley wasn't in a financial situation to be able to purchase it anyway, being a poor college student on a vehicle-unfriendly campus. I had lost the battle...

...but not the war! While in LaCrosse a couple of weekends ago, I happened upon a 1974 VW Thing. Now, the kicker about it was that it appeared to be the EXACT car that I was supposed to get in 1996 except that it wasn't detailed "Pete's Thing" (perfect!)....yellow body, black soft-top convertible. Looks like this.

The sign didn't give much detail other than a number to call. Discovered that the guy only wants $3,000 for it. It's been in storage for a while so it needs a tune-up but is allegedly in great condition. He has to sell it because he's getting married, with a baby on the way, and it's just not practical any more. I tried talking Craig into letting me buy it, but we just bought the house and money's tight. He won't budge.

So what's a girl to do? Call Daddy.

Dad FLIPPED! Proclaims that we are "Back in the Thing Business." I'm going to test drive it while I'm in LaCrosse this weekend. And, if the guy hasn't already sold it (he has some other folks looking at it too), it may be mine, oops, ours!

I can't explain my obsession with this vehicle other than I think it's damn cool. It is my dream car. If we get it, the only issue is going to be who gets to 'keep' it. The way I figure it, it's my turn!