Friday, August 20, 2004

BEWARE: Bitching Ahead

I just wanna go home.

Let me clarify that I work in a small office...a very small office. Technically, there are 5 employees, including the two owners. But, on a regular basis, there "should" be 4 of us. This "should" is the problem.

You see, the other two employees (myself excluded), are a pain in my ass. You've already heard me rant here and here about my Executive Assistant. The empolyee is my Production Manager. I rely on both of these individuals to do my job. The EA answers the phones (so I can make outgoing calls all day) and sends out all of my mail and marketing packages. The PM does all of the artwork and proofing for my orders and acts as a back-up for my EA while she's out. BUT, when they're both out or "too busy" (Read: talking on her cell phone or listening to his books on tape) I'm in a pickle.

EA was scheduled off Monday and Tuesday this week...and called in "sick" on Wednesday and Thursday.

PM was out for two weeks at the beginning of the month and is still playing catch up.

The result is that neither one of them can keep up with me...who has been here for pretty much the whole time.

What irks me the most is that they just don't seem to care. Now, don't let me fool you. I'm not in some fancy schmancy position where what I'm selling is saving lives or changing the world. But I like what I do (most days) and like doing what I do WELL. I especially like making customers happy.

But when I have to rely on these two, going the extra mile and exceeding customer expectations is like trying to build a snowman in July...close to impossible.

And when I can't do my job, the way I want to do my job, I get crabby. And I'm crabby now.

And I just want to go home.


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