Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The Mystery Connection

I figured it out last week.

Few people can get me really 'worked up'. For the most part these days, I'm a even-keeled person. Except when it comes to a particular people...and two specifically. And then last Wednesday, it came to me. Both my executive assistant and this particular woman at our church are remarkably similar:

They're both passive-aggressive. I'm confrontational. If you've got something to say, just say it. Don't pussyfoot around.

They're both rule mongers. To a fault. There are particular procedures and rules that must be followed to do anything. I generally don't care about the how as long as IT gets done.

They both display an air of moral authority. As if the way that they practice and observe their faith is superior to everyone else.

And, mainly, the characteristics that they share above results in me getting frustrated with them on at least a weekly basis. There's more frequent frustration with the EA because I have to see her just about every day. But I can't recall a time that I've had to be at a church meeting with the other woman and haven't returned home completely aggitated.

Well, at least I'm consistent. And it was comforting to me somehow to be able to identify this.


Blogger Hula Doula said...

Passive aggressive people drive me up a wall!!! I on the other hand just get mouthy and just tell the person what I think and then I get to go apologize for being a jerk!
I know I know It's not spiritual of me to be this way. Granted I have toned down a bunch BUT it still appears sometimes.

8/10/2004 7:41 PM  

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