Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Badger Drama

CRAP: Go figure that UW would get to host ESPN's "GameDay" crew the ONE week that I won't be anywhere near a TV in the morning! This Saturday, GameDay will be aired live from the UW campus from 9:30-11:00...just about the time that that Oktoberfest parade starts in LaCrosse. Note to self: must find parade viewing area in which I can mooch off of someone with a TV!


DOUBLE CRAP: The Illinois game isn't going to be televised live at all! How do they manage that?? One week getting national attention by hosting GameDay and then the next week not airing it live at all? What kind of crack jobs put together the TV schedule? Have they not noticed the Wisconsin is a Top 25 ranked team?!

Check out all the drama here.


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