Thursday, September 30, 2004

Brief explanation

Please, let me explain to you why I have been so single-mindedly focused on sales with the offshoot here and there to rant about my Beloved Badgers.

This whole personal sales goal and company sales goal mean a lot because if I meet my personal sales goal this year I get....

(drumroll, please)


Yes, I know for some of you (Digs), vacations come as part of your daily work. For me, however, stranded here in suburbia, the idea of being able to be beachside in February is heaven.

As I have been on target to hit my personal sales goal this year, I should know within a few days whether or not the vacation will come to fruition.

Two years ago, we went to Key West. Last year, we didn't make goal so we only went to Cedarburg (not really a vacation). This year, I want to go to Mexico. All is going as planned so far and I'm doing everything within my power to take me there. I'll let you know the final verdict in a few days...


Blogger Hula Doula said...

What do you sell sweetie?

10/04/2004 9:28 PM  

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