Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Sunburn Tatoo

So, every Badger game day, I have a ritual.

I wake up singing my Badger Game Day Song: "It's a Badger Day, It's a Badger Day, So whatcha gonna say? It's a Badger Day!" Ask Craig how the tune goes... I made it up last year.

I shower and do my hair up with RED ribbons.

I don my Badger RED attire.

And then, as a finishing touch, I always put on a Badger temporary tatoo. Sometimes it's a "W", sometimes it's a paw, sometimes it's Bucky himself.

This last Saturday, the ritual remained unchanged. The only difference was that the game wasn't until 4:45pm and we went to the Oktoberfest parade all day...in the SUN.

It was a beautiful, unexpectedly warm, day. And SUNNY. I could feel my face getting sunburned but didn't think too much of it. Until the next morning when I went to remove my Bucky temparary tatoo from my face.

Yes, I now have a faint pale imprint of Bucky Badger on my left cheek. Contrasts a bit to the rest of my sunburnt face. Who else but me, right?

Guess I'm the ultimate fan now! And I have a new nickname in the house: "Bucky" I'll take it as a compliment.


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