Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Be Careful What You Wish For

A few weeks ago, I was lamenting to Craig about how purposeless my life was becoming. When we were heavily involved with AIESEC, everything related back to the IMPACT that we were having on people and the world. Now that we just go to work every day, it just doesn't seem like I'm still having that impact on the world around me. This discussion and lamentation occurred on a Thursday evening.

Friday afternoon, I recieved an invitation from Mr. MixMaster to chair the Rowdy Region (AIESEC) new member conference. Ask and ye shall receive. How could I refuse?

However, on Tuesday, Alf offered me Badger tickets for Saturday. I had to decline because of the conference.

Then, on Thursday, a former co-worker extended an invitation to the Packer game on Sunday. I had to decline because of the conference...and I have never been to a Packer game, EVER!

So, when I found out on Friday that the accomodations for this particular conference were platform tents!, let's just say I was less than amused. Fortunately, Mr. Mix found us a cabin instead (albiet without heat). Temps this weekend in bumfrick WI got down to freezing. Not a time to be camping.

Weather aside, the conference was a lot of fun. It was great to see a whole new batch of recruits getting fired up to change some lives. And I got to hang out with some oldy-oldies (Jeff, Karen and Trent). And, most of all, it was great to see that Karen has really kept AIESEC Madison true to its Rowdie roots...the new members are awesomely motivated, a TON of fun, and know how to party!

The downside to all of this is that I got sick, of course. I could feel it creeping in on Sunday and by Monday morning, it took everything I had to keep my eyes open on the drive to work. I ended up having to take a half day off on Monday and all day off yesterday to try and nurse myself back into consciousness. I'm terrible at being sick.

But this is what I wished for, right? Note to self: Be careful what you wish for next time, bitch.


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