Thursday, October 28, 2004

Uploading Pictures Using Flickr

Go to

Click on Sign up now!

Create a Screen Name and password, enter your e-mail.

Note: You will be automatically sent an e-mail from the system to confirm your address. You must click on the link contained in the message before working with any photos.

You can enter information into your profile or skip this step for now.

To start, click Upload photos.

Note: You can download a Flickr Uploadr if you have a lot of pictures to upload by clicking on tools and then choosing the uploadr that fits your system requirements.

Otherwise, you can upload up to 6 pictures at a time. Click on Choose File and locate the picture on your computer (hard drive, CD drive, etc). When you've chosen all of your files, click Upload.

Once your images are uploaded, you can change the titles, add descriptions or tags. Just be sure to click SAVE at the bottom of the page when done. Once you have some images available, you can blog them!

Click on the image you want in your blog. A toolbar will appear to the left of your image. Click on Blog this to get started.

The first time you do it, it will ask you to configure a blog to post to. Click on do that now.

Choose Blogger Blog, NEXT>

Enter your Blogger Username and password.

Note: If you're an administrator on nomadlife, or have multiple blogs associated with your Blogger account, it will ask you which one you'd like to post to.

Confirm the details of your blog. Be sure to click Store my will save you steps the next time you want to post a picture (unless you work from a public or shared computer, of course).

I would recommend creating a custom posting template for your blog. It will save you headaches in trying to reformat html later on. Choose how you want the images to appear within your post (size and position).

Now, you will be taken back to your image and will be able to Compose your blog entry. When you're done, click POST ENTRY. The image and your text will appear on your blog.

To post pictures from now on, all you have to do is click on the image you want to post, Blog this and it will take you right to Compose your blog entry.

If you want to edit how the photo appears, log into your Blogger account and Edit the post with your picture. If you know html, go nuts. If not (like me), editing will be a trial and error process.

If you only want the image (like to post a picture in your profile), look for the part of the code that looks like this: < img src = ” ” blahblahblah > The code starting with http:// and ending in .jpg will be the link to your photo. You can copy/paste it into your profile or anywhere else to reference only the photo (and not all of the Flickr formatting).

What I do to put multiple images in a single blog entry is blog this for each photo from Flickr. Then go into each corresponding blog entry in Blogger and copy/paste the image links into one entry. Save and post the compiled entry and delete the originals.


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