Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Coffee Break

I like incentives. I find that they're a very useful way of motivating me to get things accomplished. Offer me a vacation if I hit my sales goal? Consider it done.

But, see, they don't have to be incentives offered by other people. I play the game with myself too. If you work out every day this week, you can finish that 6-pack in the fridge during the game on Saturday. Very effective.

Today, I had a shitload of calls to make and very little motivation. So, I made a deal with myself: Make 50 calls by 3:00, and you can go out and splurge on some good coffee. Not just a pot brewed here in the office, but a nice Almond Latte. I called and called. And when I wanted to stop, I could almost smell the coffee...and I called some more.

By 3:00, I've done what I set out to do and head off to reward meself with some nummy coffee.

Except, because I'm me, it just can't be that easy. The coffeeshop in the middle-of-nowhere-suburb that I work in has closed. No one warned me.

Instead of a nice tall Almond Latte, I have a small coffee from that silly clown guy.

Oh, Bother!


Blogger M said...

Man oh man...I wish this incentive thing worked for me. I've tried making deals with myself, I'll allow myself to get something good to eat if I do such and such but hey 9 out of 10 times I realize, hey I can buy this anyway if i want...crap.

11/23/2004 2:53 PM  

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