Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Comedy of Errors

So, I'm officially a blog addict. Who else gets out of bed at midnight and decides:

"I need to blog about this"?

Who else does that? Anyway. Yeah, last night. Drama. I can't even do that well. I left a few details out last night. Like the part when I tried calling Maggie FIRST (before Alf). And called her old cell number in Milwaukee (which isn't hers anymore):

"Hi Maggie? It's Cat"
"Hey, do you have a minute?" (holding back sobbing)
"Cat, are you ok?"
(sobbing now, assuming it's Maggie)
"No, not really. I wanted to talk to Craig but he's too drunk to talk to me."
(Begin realizing that this may not be Maggie)
"Is this Maggie?"
"No, this is Jean"
(Racking brain for anyone I know named Jean...did I misdial?)
"Jean who?"
"What's your last name?"
(Realizing that I fucked up somehow, I hang up)

Looking back this morning, it's quite comical, really. See, I can't even do the whole drama thing properly. I was more like a comedy of errors than drama.


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