Monday, November 01, 2004

The Election

It's divided the US. It's divided families. It's divided neighborhoods. And tomorrow, it hits full force:


Whether you support Bush or Kerry (or Nader or none of the above), I believe that it's important that you vote, if you're eligible.

Yes, the electoral college system is flawed.

Yes, voter fraud is a real possibility.

Yes, the whole election system in the US is messed up (especially so here in Wisconsin).

But, if you don't vote, don't BITCH. I'm serious. If you don't take the time to weigh in and have your voice heard when you have the opportunity, don't bother whining about US foreign policy, the economy or the White House for the next FOUR years. If you can't get off your ass this one day (hell, get an absentee ballot if you don't want to wait in line on election day), I don't want to hear it.

Yes, I'll be voting for Bush. But I don't care WHO you're voting for. Just get out there and do it.

Why the rant?

Dig's comment got me going this morning: "I am definitely going to abstain in tomorrow's elections. Bush is the anti-Christ and I don't subscribe to the "anyone but Bush in DC" rhetoric." Fine. Then don't complain when it's all over.


Blogger Devrim said...

Just so you know, abstension does not imply apathy... I posted some comments in response to your comment as a comment. Disdain of politics is the essence of the American Revolution. Therefore, political abstention is the only approach that keeps faith with it. I do have an opinion and I do care enough that I can't bring myself to do something I fundamentally disagree with.

When change of rulers happens to a state 'tis but a change of name for the poor.
Phaedrus: Fables (c. 25BC). Funny that some things never change.

I put more comments as a response to your comment on my blog.

11/02/2004 4:56 AM  

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