Friday, November 12, 2004

Happy Friday!

Oh my! Where to begin? We're going to go with list form today, folks:

1. I got a TON of housework done yesterday: livingroom re-assembled and decorated, windows washed, bathroom cleaned, floors vacuumed, photos organized, and YES, mother-in-law called so apple crisp was made. You may now remain in awe of my demonstration of housewife mastery. Did I mention that I still worked a half-day, went to yoga and choir rehearsal too? Yup, I'm just that good.

2. Engagements! There are two! Both high school friends: Kari got engaged over the weekend to her longtime boyfriend, Dave. I've only met him a few times but seems like a very cool guy. Congrats! And Josh proposed last night to Kathy (ie. Happy) with a kitten to compliment the ring. This one has been a LOOOOOONNNG time coming and I'm so happy it's official. Josh and Happy vacationed with us this summer and all of us had a blast.

Now, if I could just convince all of them to move to Milwaukee and buy houses on our street, I'd be in heaven: good friends in great relationships, living nearby, getting to see them all the time and starting families (years and years from now) together. Because, you know, it's all about ME! Oh, shoot, I can dream.

3. Alf gave word today that we "officially" have tickets to the Wisconsin vs. Marquette basketball game next month. Oh, rivalry, I love thee so!

4. An old roommate from The Pink House in Madison, Nikki, is coming to Milwaukee tomorrow with her fiance, Kit. We haven't seen them since our open house back in May and are really looking forward to hanging out with them.

5. There has been a tragedy. But I think I'll recover.

6. Finally, some hope for the world.

Yes, the world is a good place, afterall.


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