Monday, November 01, 2004

The Holy Grail

This weekend, I fulfilled one of the requirements to being a suburban 20-something female in Milwaukee:

I went to IKEA.

Unfortunately, I went alone and didn't buy much (fortunately, for that). It would have been nice to go when I first moved here or when we first bought the house. But now, we're pretty much settled. I only bought a couple of prints for my office at work...which was unbelieveably bare for working here for 2+ years.

On a side note, I've decided I need a digital camara. Spent most of Sunday afternoon raking leaves into a monstorous pile in the back of our lot. Last night a bunch of the high school kids from our church came over to keep me company while Craig's off in Canada and they had a blast playing in it. Wish I had some pictures to share. These kids are amazing. Their energy last night is still making me smile this morning.


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