Thursday, November 04, 2004


I try to make it a point to get through all of my daily reads before making my first post of the day. I do that for two main reasons: so I don't repeat something someone else has already commented on (generally much more eloquently than I could) an so I can get some ideas about what's going on and what I want to talk about.

I didn't do it thoroughly this morning. I hadn't read the NY Times when I made my last post. Big mistake.

What the hell is going on here? According to Mr. Friedman and every Times columnist I read today:

If you voted for Bush, you are a stupid bible-thumping evangelist from the Heartland. There can be no other possible are an idiot.

If you voted for Kerry, you are an enlightened city-dweller who is in touch with his neighbors (near and far). Poor are consoling yourself with coffee and lattes.


Get over yourself.

Since when does one have to choose between watching Fox News and reading the Times?

Since when is George Bush the only culprit guilty of dividing the nation? This election had two sides to it. Last I checked, they were BOTH making accusations, allegations, and dirty politics. No, it wasn't an election to be proud of. But at least stand up and admit that both sides have to take some blame for the division we're looking at right now.

P.S. You can go shove your skim chai up your ass, for all I care.


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