Thursday, November 04, 2004

Red VS Blue

Sarah has sparked an interesting conversation with a picture she posted showing the degrees of redness and blueness in voting. Dody also posted one, but his is all or nothing.

I do think the US is polarized...but not in 'red state/blue state' way. It's more 'red lot/blue lot'. In my own neighborhood there were signs both ways.

But I don't think it's the PEOPLE that are polarized. I think it's the way the system is set up: with only two options. This year, I got a pretty good lesson in international politics as I peered over Craig's shoulder through the Canadian elections. Yes, they, too, have their divisions between the liberals and conservatives. But, becaues there are so many more parties, the coalition building MUST take place for the party to gain any power politically to enact any change.

That's the problem with the US system. There are really only two choices: RED (Republican) or BLUE (Democrat). And each party has defined itself by its extremist values. My personal opinion is that most everyday, average Americans are moderates. But in an election such as this, they have to chose one side or the other: red or blue, black or white...there is no grey option in American politics. So, while I voted for (and supported) Bush, most folks in these parts have labeled him 'the antichrist', 'motherfucker', and some other really nice vulgarities.

I want a President who:
Is decisive...even if it's wrong (Bush is, Kerry NOT). But will admit when he's made mistake (Bush doesn't).
Realizes the significance of a global economy (Bush does, Kerry doesn't with his rhetoric of demonizing Bush for sending manufacturing jobs overseas).
Supports equal, fair taxation (neither one really does). I don't believe that the wealthy should get any more 'breaks' than anyone else, but I disagree that they should be taxed at a higher rate than anyone else. Kerry economic policies would have hammered our household.
Makes tough foreign policy decisions, regardless of international opinion (Bush does, not sure what Kerry would do)

No, I don't think Bush is the best president. Or the best candidate. But, I think he's preferrable to the alternative (Kerry).

If given an alternative color to describe myself, I think I'd be magenta.


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