Thursday, November 18, 2004

Rollercoaster Ride through Life

What a wonderful way to to start the day (hopefully this means it will be better than yesterday):

1. Dentist appointment. No joke, I love going to the dentist. The clean teeth feeling...mmm, yum! Got compliments from the hygenist about my great hygene routine.

2. Props from Mike. For what? I'm still not sure. But getting some lovin' out here in blogland is nice, whatever its form.

3. Peppermint Coffee. Usually reserved until after Thanksgiving, but I couldn't resist picking up 2 lbs. at the grocery store this week. I figure since I've alreadyscrewed the "one holiday at a time rule", might as well go full force.

The only thing that could make this morning better is a nice FAT order. Hello? Anyone listening?


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