Friday, December 03, 2004

Friday Movie Reviews

We rarely go out to the movies anymore. Netflix is just too darn convenient and cheap. But recently I've seen two movies in the theaters and both were too good NOT to tell you about:

The Incredibles
I have LOVED every Pixar movie I have ever seen and this was no exception. After watching all of the special features for Monsters, Inc, I know why: The animators at Pixar fine tune and massage the script, plot, characters and storyline long before they actually animate it. The result is not only a beautiful animated creation on the screen, but a heartfelt and funny story to go with it. Kids will like it too, but don't feel like you have to take them in order to enjoy it yourself.

National Treasure
I HATE Nicolas Cage. He's done far too many bad movies in a row for me to have any decent expectation for this movie. But, my mom wanted to see it and it looked a lot like The DaVinci Code (which I LOVED), so that's how we spent Thanksgiving evening. And it was time well spent. Digs would probably hate it because he'd be able to pick apart all of the historical errors. Me? Not so much. Just a fun, light-hearted action movie that the whole family can enjoy.


Blogger Devrim said...

No it's ok actually, I've ceased to expect any real historical accuracy from hollywood so it's actually a pleasant surprise when movies stumble upon anything remotely accurate.

Besides, I'm a lot less pissed off now that the damn clown is gone. :)

12/07/2004 9:34 AM  

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