Monday, December 06, 2004

House Rules

In this Suburban Life, there are certain rules:

*No dumping or spilling of alcoholic drinks
*You don't have to call the pocket on any shot other than the 8-ball when playing pool
*Don't ring the doorbell more than once

and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, we are sticklers for the following:
*No drunk dialing our land line more than ONCE in a given evening.

Unfortunately, this weekend the drunk dial rule was ruthlessly violated.
Mike and Maggie decided to call us at 1:30 am Friday night/Saturday morning. Not once, Not twice, or even three times. But FIVE TIMES IN A ROW. And the only reason it ended there is because Craig got up and disconnected all of the phones in our house.

I can appreciate the drunk dial. But on a land line. FIVE TIMES in the same night is a bit rediculous.

They're both coming to visit next weekend for the Marquette v. Wisconsin basketball game (which, My Beloved Badgers will win, of course). Beware: Revenge stories to follow...


Blogger M said...

I don't even know your home #...

12/07/2004 6:46 AM  

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