Friday, December 17, 2004


I'm just tickled:

* Finished fretting over Christmas shopping. Only one gift yet to execute (involving a relatively painless trip to Sam's Club). No problemo.

* No more choir rehearsals until January 6th. They're not painful, but it sure will be nice to have a few 'free' Thursday nights.

* On target to hit my sales goal. Not there yet, but well on my way for the month.

* Two Christmas parties this weekend. Tonight with the choir and tomorrow with neighborhood friends. Both will be a drunken hoot....yes, that's my church choir I'm referring to and, yes, we're a bunch of boozers. You wanna make something of it?!

(this is the best one:)

* My dad is confirmed to be spending Christmas with us! Yay. He'll be arriving early next week and my mom will be arriving late next week. And they'll both be with us over our birthdays (mine on the 24th and Craig's on the 25th) and Christmas. Dad has never seen our house. The first/last/only time my Mom saw it was the day we moved in. Much has changed since then and I'm excited to 'show off' a bit to my parents. I have wonderful visions of Christmas music, good food, roaring fireplace and much love.

Jeepers! And I'm expected to work for another FOUR DAYS?!


Blogger M said...

Did she really just use the word "jeepers"?

12/17/2004 10:53 AM  
Blogger Cat said...

I am "Fargo", doncha know!

12/17/2004 10:57 AM  

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