Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Yes, This is the Suburban Life

Every now and then I get a nice reality check. And realize that I'm no longer in college, but in the 'real world'. And it's not always a bad realization.

Like two years ago when we organized a mini-reunion around Halloween in Madison. And towards the end of the night, Craig, Mike and I decided to opt out on the stanky floor in the two bedroom suite (with over 20 others) and get our own room. Because, we can actually afford to sleep in beds now instead of on the floor.

But then there are times like this morning when that whole reality bitch just slaps you in the face and it's not a good thing. We've been planning on buying new tires for Craig's truck. It's on its last leg but we're hoping that new tires will at least pull him through the winter...we're not really prepared for another car payment right now. And that's fine, we've budgeted for it.

I went into the Honda dealership this morning to get my regularly schedule 40,000 mile maintenance. And the fuckers let me know that my tires are about to be kaput. I ask, "So, how urgently to I need to replace them?" The smartass service man lets me know that I'd likely be fine...as long as we don't get too much snow.

Excuse me?

Did you notice that we live in WISCONSIN? We've already gotten a few inches of snow this year and today is only the first 'offiical' day of winter? Are you out of your damn mind?? Why don't you just say, "Ms. Dawson, you'll need to replace them as soon as possible because, if you don't, your car will slide all over the road like a drunk Bambi on ice"?

So, yeah, I have to buy new tires for the truck AND my car.

Sometimes this Suburban Life just sucks.


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