Friday, January 28, 2005

Case of the Mondays on Friday

I work for a rockin' company. I've been here for almost three years now and I couldn't ask for better pay, benefits and flexibility. It's a small company...I'm one of three employees and the husband and wife who own it are super-duper nice.

But the problem with this teeny tiny company is that I end up spending so much time with the same people that they eventualy start to grate on my nerves. Especially when I'm busy. I'm just gonna spell it out for you:

Because we met our sales goal last year, my company is paying for all of us and our spouses to take a direct flight from Milwaukee down to Cancun and stay at an all-inclusive Adults-only resort for 4 days and 3 nights. Plus they give us two extra days of paid time off while we're there and the office is closed down. The only thing we have to pay for the entire time we're there is the airfare for our spouses. It rocks!

And this little trip is going to go down next week. Office will be closed on Thrusday and Friday.

So, you might think that everyone would be in the office this week making sure everything is lined up and ready to go when the office is closed down next week. But, you would be WRONG.

See, for some reason, everyone else took today off for one reason or another.

(and here comes the reason I'm so agitated right now)

Leaving me ALONE in the office to make over 150 outgoing calls in ONE day without a receptionist or back-up to answer the phone.

Color me pissed off and unamused. Happy Friggin' Friday...


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