Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Death & Taxes

As I get older, it takes more and more to get me really worked up. I'm mellowing...a good thing, indeed.

There's one topic, though, that never fails to get my blood pressure boiling:


I hate 'em. Don't get me wrong, I pay them...I have to. But I don't like them one bit.

And just when I seem to be making some progress in life, making more money, becoming more sucessful, the goverment decides to take out a bigger chunk of it. I think the whole tax system is messed up. I don't think that the wealthy should be entitled to any more breaks than the next guy, but I also don't think that the wealthy should have to pay a disproportionate share. Set a flat tax at whetever level the government needs to sustain itself and its programs (say, 35-45%) and make everyone (regardless of income) pay at that rate. You'd still have the 'wealthy' paying more than the rest, but there would be no 'dis-incentive' to making more money.

"Why," you may ask, "is she getting all worked up over taxes now?"

This article in the NY Times (free subscription required) advocates for exactly the kind of policy I'm opposed to:
The president should propose a 3 percent surcharge on all income over $200,000 - whether from earnings, dividends or capital gains - and use the money to increase national savings now and help keep Social Security solvent.

Substitute the word 'surcharge' for 'taxes'...because that's what they're really talking about.


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