Thursday, February 24, 2005


Things are really going my way lately.

Work: I'll be traveling quite a bit in Q2 (albiet domestically)...YAY! Sales numbers are up and I'm meeting my new, 40% higher, goals. I'm interviewing candidates to hire an assistant. As such, I recieved a promotion a couple of months ago.

Personal: Still enjoying marraige and this life partner of mine who consistently makes me laugh and smile. Recently took over the reigns of the UW Young Alumni Club in Milwaukee which gives me a whole new set of exciting challenges and situations. Have been intentional about setting aside quality time with good friends.

Health: Taking care of myself and loving the yoga class we started this fall. Gave up caffiene for lent and, once I got beyond the coffee withdrawl headaches, have been pretty good at coping with the lack of chocolate. As a result, have been loading up on decaf tea.

I talked to my grandma last weekend and she said something to the likes of "everytime I talk to you, you're getting a promotion!" And you could just hear the pride oozing out of her voice. I'm doing well and my family is proud. Finally! It seems like for so many years while I struggled my way through college, AIESEC and getting this career established they weren't.

And I'm proud of myself too. Not just what I've done, but who I'm becoming.

I saw a glimmer in Craig's eye the other day when he said, "Now THAT's the girl I fell in love with!"

In some ways I feel like I've made this big circle, coming back around to who I wanted to be all along. Is it strange that I'm 25 and only now getting comfortable with myself?


Blogger Dody G. said...

"The very first name I clicked on the blogroll to the right, was by Cat, a conservative Christian with a link to Blogs for Bush.

Now, I am not a conservative Christian, nor am I in the least bit political, but I realised if she can be a revolutionary nomad, then so can I"

Cat, look what you've done ! :)

2/24/2005 11:22 AM  
Blogger Devrim said...

You've always had an inner fire that burns fiercely... don't hide your light and continue to let it shine. :)

2/25/2005 4:39 PM  

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