Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Nomad vs Suburban

I've been thinking lately about the 'nomadness' of being on nomadlife. Although I was once a part of AIESEC, I am no longer a person who embodies the spirit of being a nomad. I am settling down and preparing my life for the long-term. Does that mean that I don't really belong here? If your answer is 'no', please don't tell me. I'm just fine with my head in the sand.

But tomorrow I depart for the beach. And this counts as a nomadic experience in my mind because I have never been to the wonderful land of tequila and corona.

So, while I feel a little 'bad' about not having significant, life-changing, nomadic experiences to recount here on a weekly or monthly basis. This will have to do. I suppose there are some perks to this Suburban Life, afterall.


Blogger Asha said...

I disagree with your assessment. I think you embody the "spirit" of being a nomad although you may not be a physical nomad anymore. You should be open and understanding, tolerant and explorative, have a quest for knowledge and desire to fly. All nomads have to settle down some day, how else can we keep the spirit alive if not to have little nomad babies running around.

I know plenty of people who travel alot but wouldn't fit into the nomadlife set. They go from hotal to hotel and never really meet new people or experience different ways of life. You needed worry, your place is reserved.

My 2 cents for what its worth.

2/10/2005 9:02 AM  

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