Tuesday, November 01, 2005

It Just Keeps Coming

OK, so I just realized that the last three pictures I've posted have been of me donning Badger Gear. Yes, I'm a fanatical fan. So sue me. Likely the next picture I post will also be of me donning RED for the Penn State game this weekend. Because it's going to be HUGE...determining the leader of the Big Ten. It will be a fun game, especially because we're hosting another game watching party.

Training for the triathlon is coming along. Today, I re-joined the fitness club near where I work because, if you live anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, you may have noticed that it's now COLD. And running outside isn't much fun anymore. Swimming on Mondays is still kicking my ass but I'm still going back for more.

THE COOLEST THING about training for the triathlon is the awesome people I'm meeting through TriWisconsin. I'd met a couple of girls through the group that were also pseudo-beginners, Colletta and Kim. We'd hang out at the team workouts and chat since we're the same age and 'relative' skill level. Well, on Sunday at the End-of-Season Party, Maria and I found out that they met through their AIESEC TRAINEESHIPS!!! They're AIESECers!!! We all flipped out and the volume of the conversation cranked up about five notches from that point on.

FYI: They did their traineeships through Mizzou (their SN manager was Phil?) and went to teach English in Eastern Europe (I forget exactly where)

I can't believe how small this AIESEC world is, even once you leave the scene of the crime (aka University). And, best of all, we now have running partners for the weekends.


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