Friday, December 30, 2005

Date Night

Dinner last night was FANTASTIC! The restaurant was amazing: food, atmosphere, service. All perfect.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra was good...likely would have been better if we weren't so drunk on wine when we arrived. Entertaining nonetheless.

I really really enjoy getting dolled up and going out on dates. It's been far too long. Craig and I realized last night that we don't take enough advantage of the nightlife and entertainment that Milwaukee DOES have to offer. Adding that to the goal list for 2006 (posting soon).

Ben has been complaining about life in the midwest and I was starting to agree with him. It was worse because I was suffering from suburbiaitis (yes, I made it up but I'm sure you understand). After last night, I think I'll be content with staying put. The urban fast paced life is nice, but it's like New York City: I love to visit but wouldn't want to live there.


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