Monday, February 20, 2006

Men and Household Work

Brian posted not long ago about this article. I think it's really interesting and makes some fabulous points that I agree with. I started to launch into a big response to his post but decided to elaborate on it here.

Some of the tidbits that I found most interesting from the article:
1) "It wasn't till I did this book that I recognized that it's not just the doing of the housework that's a burden to women, it's the worrying about the housecleaning that is a burden. Finally I agreed to hire someone to help clean our house, and it had a direct effect on our sex life."

Ours too. Craig and I have the chores in our house pretty evenly split:
* He does all of the dishes that have to be done by hand (mostly because I'm too clumsy to wash wine glasses without breaking them) and carries the garbage.
* I do all of the laundry and most of the cooking and cleaning.
* Whoever gets out of bed last makes it. Since I'm usually up first, he's generally stuck making the bed.
* We have a dishwasher, so whomever dirties the dishes, puts them in the dishwasher. We usually split the emptying.
* He's a SUPER handyman, so he does all of the "Mr-Fix-It" kind of things around the house.
* We have cleaners come in and do the deep cleaning every other month or so. This is a HUGE relief for me, especially when planning parties or expecting guests.

2) "We tend to think that how a man relates to his mother should give you an idea of how he will treat his wife. But there was no connection between the relationship with his mother and the relationship with his wife."

Craig and his mother don't have a fantastic relationship and I don't see that affecting our relationship AT ALL.

Thanks for the awesome link, Brian!


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