Wednesday, June 28, 2006

An Ode to a Friend(s)


Tonight, I finally made the realization that this move is only 7 weeks away...less than 2 months. And, with all of the time that I'll be away traveling, I actually only have 25 days in the city of Milwaukee...and some of those are half days.

I need to tell you that there are two frieds here in Milwaukee that will be especially hard to leave behind. Hell, you all know Alf, but he has his own Love of His Life to look after him.

The folks I'm really going to miss don't even have blogs: Maria and Vikas. Both single folks. Both trying to figure it out in relationships and in their careers. Both fantastically successful and intelligent and amazingly intreguing individuals.

AND it's very likely that neither one of them will end up in Milwaukee for the rest of their it's ok that we're moving to Florida...where they can have a great place to visit...but won't miss us TOO much because they will never be "stuck" in Milwaukee for the rest of their lives.

No, the reason I'll miss both of them the most is because they are the kind of friends that I strive to be: loyal beyond all circumstances...the friend that will tell you what you NEED to hear, whether you want to hear it or not...supportive and pushing you to your limits to be the best you can in your career and as a person...who pushes you to be the person you WANT to be rather than ther person you ARE, because they can already envision that person within you.

Maria Carlstedt. I have known since my sophomore year of college. Who stood beside me my senior year when I thought my world was falling apart around me. Who stood beside me when I married the love of my life. Who has doubted herself and her worth but now is one of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN I KNOW INDSIDE AND OUT because of her confidence and assuance in her own abilities. For her, I am grateful.

Vikas Kohli. Who I crushed on as a freshman in college. Who I lost for years between graduating college and 'settling down'. Who made best friends with The Love of MY Life. Who still, at 32, is one of my favorite people to get sloppy drunk with and discuss the philosophies of life with. Who KNOWS that he knows what's best for him but still finds it hard to take his own damn medicine. For him, I'm grateful.

These are the kind of friends that make me so grateful. AND HOPEFUL...that I'll meet more friends, just like them, as we move forward to the next stage of life.

Afterall, I'm a cheesy old Girl Scout at heart: Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other's gold.


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