Wednesday, July 05, 2006

You Can Take the Girl Out of the Country, But...

You can't take the country out of the girl.

This last Saturday, one of my closest friends and one of two adopted brothers, Josh, got married. I was a bridesmaid and our friend Travis, who completes our trifecta of adopted friends for family, was a groomsman. Someone (namely me and Travis) convinced the bride that it was a good idea to have the two of us walk down the isle together. As we say in Wisconsin, OOF-DUH!

So, now that Josh is officially married, the three have become six. We're all married, but you can tell that we haven't grown up.

And, in the wonderful turn of events that is my life, Travis' family has a condo in Fort Myers...only about 1.5 hours from where we'll be in Florida. So, our next reunion will be there, on the safe side of the state.


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