Monday, November 06, 2006

Priority Shift

So, this weekend I have vowed to shift my focus and priorities to three areas that have been largely ignored because of my increased focus on work:
1) Devoting more time to physical activity: walking, running, biking, swimming, dancing, yoga, etc.
2) Spending more time in bible study.
3) Spending more time on professional development: tapes and books on various business and sales topics.

Starting today, I am going to get up earlier to make time to do this in the morning. AND spend no more than 10 hours a day in the office. I WILL leave the office by 6:15pm, regardless of the status of any given project.

This is my vow to myself in an attempt to regain some balance that has been sorely missed since I started this job and moved to Florida.

Day one: Succesful so far. Short run this morning. One chapter of sales book read at breakfast. Bible study tape on the way to work. If I can get out of the office by 6:15, it will be good start.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoa, girl! You sure cram a lot into your day! I thought most people our age didn't go in for the 10-hour work days... This is not at all meant as an insult -- it's admirable that you work hard and have a good work ethic. But, whew, I just can't imagine myself doing that, at all. I hope that at least the physical activity allows you some time to relax. :) You go girl!


11/08/2006 11:16 PM  

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