Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Friendly Family Competition

So, I finally got my dear husband off his duff to complete his first 5K run this morning. We did the South Florida Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Originally, we were supposed to run it with two of my coworkers but, mysteriously, they BOTH oversletpt his morning and missed the race all together.

I've been running pretty regularly the last month and a half or so and have improved my endurance quite a bit. I'm up to running for an hour without stopping...granted at a pretty slow pace. One of my 2007 goals is to run a half marathon (13ish miles). At the pace I'm currently running, that means I'll have to be able to plan on running for more than 2 hours. YIKES.

Anyway, so today I ran the 5K completely with the intent of coaching my coworker through the end. Since she didn't show up, I just pushed myself a bit on my pace (3.1 miles is a 'short run' for me these days). Craig and I were talking smack a bit before we started...he has always ran faster than me, but my endurance has always been better than his. We were speculating on who would finish with the better time. They had the men and women start separately, so I didn't run with him. I was really disappointed to see that my pace was only at about 11:30 miles. When I was done, I stretched a bit, hit the freebies at the fair, and went back towards the end of the race to see him to the finish line.

I was a bit disappointed to see him round the turn WALKING. I'd since had about 20 minutes to recover, so I decided to play cheerleader wife, join him in his last .2 mile of the race and 'encourage' him to finish it strong. Apparently, he didn't like my coaching and wanted to slap me in the face instead. He ran the last .2 miles, albiet begrundgingly.

When it's all said and done, I finished in 35:47 and he finished in 34:17...A MINUTE AND THIRTY SECONDS FASTER. Go figure that that's about the difference between him walking as opposed to running the last little bit. He beat me...I conceed defeat. But there's no way he would have done it without me.

Next time, he's on his own. And I'm kicking his ass. 10K takes a bit more endurance that he doesn't have...yet.


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