Friday, January 26, 2007

Patience Pays

I'm so glad that I've stuck with this job. The last few months have been very trying. I blogged a bit about it, but mostly I've just stewed about it and driven my dear husband batty complaining. My patience has been tested, tried and worn thin. Last week, I found out that it has not gone unnoticed and I'm consequently being rewarded.

What a difference a week makes. This week,
1) I'm no longer reporting to the same boss. I now report directly to the president...the women who recruited me in the first place. This is the biggest and problably most important difference in my happiness at work right now. My old boss was VERY smart, and I learned a TON from her, but she was also VERY demanding and had(has) a tendency to create chaos wherever she goes.

2) I am getting help. Of our 5 company goals, I am responsible for 3 of them. Our company isn't HUGE, but we are about 25 people and having ONE person responsible for over half of the company revenue goals WITHOUT help is a bit mad. I am writing a job description for a position that we will be hiring within the first quarter, providing that we find qualified candidates, who will work with me directly to generate revenue and contribute to those 3 goals. YAY!

3) Perspective. I am constantly reminding myself that I cannot control much of what happens around me, but I CAN control how I respond to it. I am making conscious efforts to SPEAK WITH LOVE instead of gossip and criticize. This is not an exact science yet, but I'm working on it. And I'm trying to keep a better perspective on identifying what I can control.

So, it's good! Craig and I are still doing our Friday Night Date Nights, and tonight is THAI. I haven't had Thai in ages, I'm so excited!


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