Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Tough Life of the Dawson Dogs

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Since we don't have the yard anymore, we have longer commutes and are working longer hours, we decided to put Max and Izzy in doggie daycare once a week when we moved down here. I recognized the franchise name Central Bark from the locations around Milwaukee and we've been hooked on them ever since the first time they went.

Today was the icing on the cake when I went to pick them up and received this birthday card from them. Max turns two on Monday, but since he won't be in daycare until after then, they took his picture today. Now, I have NO IDEA how they managed to get this hat on him without him freaking out, but I LOVE it.

Our dogs are completely spoiled, I have to admit it. I ordered Max's birthday cake yesterday for pickup on Friday from another franchise success story, Three Dog Bakery. I don't care. Until I have human kids, my doggie kids are the love of my life.


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