Sunday, February 10, 2008

In Case You Were Wondering...

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Yes, we are moving to Dallas, Texas!!!

This blog has been quieter than normal for the past couple of months because things have been so up in the air with our lives in general. So, let me get you all caught up from the beginning.

Around our anniversary in October, we decided to stop actively trying NOT to get pregnant. Please don't let this be confused with TRYING to get pregnant. We simply decided to take the "Let's See" mentality.

Around this same time, Craig became pretty unhappy with his job and started looking around to see what else might be available for him career-wise.

Over Christmas, things escalated a bit because we found out that I was pregnant (YAY!) and then miscarried within two weeks of the discovery (Boo). The pregnancy revealed just how much both of us really want to have children...AND how much we really didn't want to have them in South Florida.

After wallowing in this rut and praying fervently for a couple of weeks in early January, Craig took a big leap of faith and quit his job. Mind you, he didn't have another one lined up when he did it, so it was a serious time of prayer and stress.

Almost immediately, Craig had two offers. Strangely and NOT intentionally, they were both based out of Dallas, Texas. I did a whole bunch of homework online and through friends who live/have lived in the Dallas area. It is exactly the kind of place where we want to have a family.

Two weeks after quitting his job, we were both on a flight to Dallas for Craig's first interview and to check out some homes. It was a wonderful whirlwind weekend which resulted in Craig landing the job and a new house!

Next came the fun (notsomuch) conversation with my company to see if they would let me continue working for them remotely from a home office in Dallas. After a stressful few days, they agreed and we moved forward with the offer on our dream house.

The owners accepted our offer, financing is secured, the house is empty, and now we're just waiting on the bank to catch up with us and CLOSE as soon as possible.

Craig left for Dallas yesterday and arrived, 31ish hours later. He starts his new job tomorrow. I, meanwhile, am still living in the trailer with the puppies in South Florida while I transition some of my work to folks here on-site before being able to make the move.

Although not yet confirmed with my employer, we're shooting for the final move to happen Easter weekend.

Whew. So, are you still reading this? If so, you understand why we've been a little quiet. Too much going on! So now that it's all out in the open and official, I'll try to be better about updates. Two months of living alone should be interesting...


Blogger T-rent said...

Remember Mariana Ollson (@ Mad in 01-02) from Sweden? We got her CV in at my headhunting firm..she didnt remember me.

Small world regardless.

2/10/2008 5:33 PM  

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