Thursday, April 24, 2008


I'm conflicted writing this post because I have had one of the shittiest days...but life is so incredibly good right now that I don't want to complain.

So, I'll get the whining out of the way first so I can focus on the positive:
I have been in Florida for the last three days hosting a client conference, which sapped all of my energy. I had TWO horrible customer service encounters today. One with my favorite nemesis, Bank of America. The other with Enterprise Rental Cars. I HATE HATE HATE crappy customer service. I had a client try to take advantage of me and that just REALLY irritates me. I'm tired and I just want to go home and my flight is delayed. Ugh.


On the theme of "Life is Good" (Craig's new life motto):
I am on my way home!

I have closed four deals this week, which is significant both in sheer volume and in the revenue it represents, especially since I've been on the road.

I just learned that my Q1 commission check has been cut by our finance department and is its way directly to me at my new home.

Speaking of the new home, I have a new home that is simply INCREDIBLE. We are getting settled in. There is nothing that we really need to be comfortable. Most of the rooms are decorated and Craig's handyman to-do list is slowly whittling away, largely from the help of...

My dad, who came to visit for a week. I'm truly a daddy's little girl and it still amazes me how much like him I've become. From the big things: We both bough Nissan Versas, without the other knowing it, to the little things: We have the same engraved bible cover.

Craig and I are enjoying each other, the new house, family visitors, getting settled, having new space, seeing our puppies enjoy their new space, and everything else about our lives.

We are truly blessed. So, you see, I feel terrible complaining. So, I won't. I will simply THANK GOD that tomorrow is a NEW day.


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