Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Back Into It

We've been slackers in the workout arena, for the most part. Aside from my morning walks with the dogs, we've both been pretty much couch potatoes...working long hours at work and trying to get 'settled in'.

A surefire sign that we're getting settled in? We've got the bikes out and actually went for a ride more than once in the last month. In fact, we've been doing really well at getting out at least once a weekend for a 15 mile (ish) ride.

I've been itching to get into yoga or swimming or something MORE. So last night, Craig and I hopped on our bikes, peddled over to the local community pool, swam for about a half an hour (20 'laps' = about 1000 meters), and biked back. It was AWESOME!

I really like our community...little ole Plano, Texas. The Parks and Recreation department is simply AMAZING. You pay a $65 per person annual fee for free admission to all of the pools, all of the fitness equipment, all of the weight machines, all of the parks, etc. The recreation and bike trails are all over the place with beautiful views and are pretty well maintained. There is a community recreation center with fitness classes and/or a pool every few miles. It's almost SICK when you think of it.

So, there's no need for us to join a gym, especially with this wonderful system of trails and pools (we went to an outdoor one last night that was only 5 miles away) for when the weather is nice. And when the weather is crappy, there are a ton of indoor pools and the workout rooms to take advantage of.

On a personal note, I think my butt is getting stronger. It still hurts if I get back on my bike a few days after a long ride, but not as bad. Now, I need to work on my arms. They were comfortably sore last night after the swim. And I should tell you that I swim without kicking. It's not that I can't kick (although I think it takes more coordination than I have most days) but because I learned to really SWIM when I was training for a triathlon two years ago. At that time, I was really worried about having 'fresh legs' for the bike and run to follow the swim, so I just always trained without kicking. Now, it's just habit. But, lemmetellya, the arms sure get a GREAT workout when you swim like that for a half hour!

It feels great to be back into being active again. I hope we keep it up.


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