Friday, June 27, 2008

Ease Into It

So, I think I got a bit overzealous yesterday on my bike. I was ALMOST to the pool (less than a 1/4 mile away) and got going too fast around a corner (right before a bridge) and couldn't slow down. My options were to skid out of control on pavement, take a big drop down into a ravine, or smack into the stone pillar of the bridge. Brilliant individual that I am, I chose option 3. I would have been fine except that my foot got stuck in my pedal basket. Argh.

I'm pretty bruised up on my inner thighs, all up my left arm (from wrist to shoulder, where I took the brunt of the impact), left breast, and MOST OF ALL my ego hurts. I also got the wind knocked out of me pretty darned good.

Oh well, after the world stopped spinning and I caught my breath, I was AMAZED to discover that my bike was still in working condition. I had to readjust my handle bars and reattach my back tire and chain. But nothing was cracked on me or the bike. Nothing was bent. AMAZING.

It was enough to shake me up pretty badly, but not deter me from getting back onto the bike AFTER my swim workout and peddaling home. It was enough, however, to slow me down a bit. I think I need to learn how to take it easy.


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