Thursday, July 03, 2008

Big Plans and a Plea

1) Leave work early today
2) Go for a swim
3) Mow the lawn
4) Weed my garden
5) Start packing for next week's trip (in case an emergency shopping trip is in order for the weekend)
6) Make desserts for tomorrow's fireworks get together

And if y'all have some good ideas for Craig about pet names for me, please drop him a comment or email. He's decided that "Baby" no longer fits since we have a little one on the way. So far, his options are "Crash" (see previous post) or "Stepford" (alluding to our perfect little life). Neither of which I find incredibly endearing. Funny? Yes. Endearing? Notsomuch.


Anonymous Fawn said...

But isn't "Baby" all the *more* appropriate now? Really.

Well, if he insists, he could go with:

-Kitty Cat (I know!)

I dunno, we tend to use a lot of "sweetie" and "hon" around here. I have a pet name for Michael, but it's not one I generally use in public because it's pretty silly. Those kinds of names you're never going to have anyone suggest to you.

7/03/2008 1:32 PM  

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