Tuesday, September 02, 2008

23 Weeks Pregnant

(from Fit Pregnancy)

You have 17 Weeks, 1 Days to go!
Your due date is December 31, 2008.

Here's what's happening during Week 23 of your pregnancy...

Your Growing Baby: Weighing in at a pound, and at eight inches long, your baby is starting to really look like a baby! You can compare her size to a box of sugar or a bag of coffee beans. Her skin is filling out as the first layers of fat are deposited and her muscles grow. During the next month, her weight may almost double.

Your Changing Body: Your care provider should be monitoring your expanding uterus and weight. You should be feeling movement at this point. If you haven't, talk to your care provider. No feelings of movement could be a sign that your placenta is in front of the baby. It may also take more time to feel movement if you're overweight. As your baby gains weight, so do you. You've probably gained at least fifteen pounds by now.


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