Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Minor Lapse

It started Tuesday morning with a sore throat. I brushed it off thinking, "Well, I just had a 2 hour rehearsal on Monday night, using vocal chords that haven't been stretched in a VERY long time."

On Wednesday night, I started sneezing and got a runny nose. I explained it away thinking, "We just got home from bible study in a new home. I bet they have cats (I'm allergic)."

But by Friday, there were no more justifications available. I was SICK. I checked the list of meds pre-approved by my doctor for pregnant patients, scooted over to the grocery store, stocked up on Tylenol Cold and tucked in for the weekend.

Well, almost. I did sneak out into the world on Saturday to watch the Badger game, but COME ON! It's the Badgers!

I spent most of Friday through Sunday sleeping and feeling generally miserable. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to wake up yesterday thinking, "Gee, my throat doesn't hurt and I can breathe through my nose!" I didn't take any meds yesterday, woke up this morning feeling completely normal (or as 'normal' as I will ever be), and think I am FINALLY cured of this cold...a week later.

Better late than never. I'm back, world! Hold on tight, here we go!


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