Monday, November 10, 2008

Baby Update (Week 33)‏‏

It's really starting to FINALLY feel like fall in Dallas with cooler weather and falling leaves. I know that most of you are up North and it's been like this for a while (including snow for some of you), but this is new and novel to us. We're enjoying every bit of it...including our gas fireplace!

Things continue to progress at a healthy pace with both mommy and peanut. We had a doctor's visit today. I've gained 29 pounds so far and blood pressure remains normal (108/70). My feet have swollen a few days when I've been standing too long, but nothing out of the ordinary or worrisome. I'm starting to experience the shortness of breath as baby takes up more and more room in my body and compresses on my diaphram. I'm not as active as I was 4 weeks ago, but I'm still feeling extremely good overall.

Our little man is still doing well. His heart beat was 135 bpm today, which is a normal, relaxed measurement. Of course, he kicked the doctor while she was trying to get the reading. I think he was upset that she woke him up!

We expanded our support team in the last month and hired a doula. A doula is a labor support person. Cheryl has a ton of experience with prenatal yoga and hypno-birthing, so we are optimistic that she'll assist in helping to labor as long as possible without drugs. I'm definitely not opposed to taking drugs, but I've been known to have some bad reactions, so I'd like to hold off as long as possible. Our next visit with her will be over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Our next doctor's visit is scheduled for the Tuesday just before Thanksgiving (11/25). At that visit, we'll do another sonogram to see if J.T. has decided to put his head down or continues to be stubborn like his mother and remain breech. The sonogram should also give us a better indication of his estimated birth weight. We have some concern that he'll be on the big side since he has such WONDERFUL genes on his side (I weighed 11 lbs, 12 oz and Craig was 8 lbs, 9 oz). If the doctor suspects he'll be bigger than 9 lbs, we'll schedule an induction for the last week in December. If he's still breech, we'll schedule a cesarean for just before Christmas. Neither of these options is really appealing, so if you could all be praying that things check out (head down and under 9 lbs) at the next visit, that would be WONDERFUL!

Craig took his GMAT last week and has his admissions interview with the SMU Cox tomorrow. If he is accepted, he'll begin classes in January for his professional MBA program. It's a busy time, but exciting.

I'm learning that the most important thing in this pregnancy, like just about everything else in life, is PERSPECTIVE. While it would be easy to complain about aching ribs, fatigue, shortness of breath, or a myriad of other pregnancy-related physical ailments, I choose to see the blessings. Each of these symptoms is an indication that our little baby is growing healthy and strong. I would much prefer kicks to the ribs than no movement at all. And I would much prefer to be short of breath because the baby is growing well than be frustrated because he's not growing at the proper rate.

(from Fit Pregnancy)

You have 7 Weeks, 2 Days to go!
Your due date is December 31, 2008.

Your Growing Baby:
Your baby's crown-to-rump length is about 11 1/2 inches. She weighs about 4 1/2 pounds and gains about eight ounces every week. Your baby has probably moved to the head-down position and may descend into your pelvis at any time in the next six weeks and begin to press into your cervix. This position not only prepares her for birth but allows blood to flow to her developing brain. The dark quiet of your womb is perfect for this activity. Right now, your baby is also in the process of receiving your antibodies. If she were born right now, her immune system would be immature, and extra care would need to be taken to keep her in a sterile environment.

Your Changing Body:
Tired of being pregnant? Remind yourself that babies are easier to take care of in there than out here! You continue gaining weight at the rate of a pound a week, and it probably seems impossible that your body will find somewhere to fit six more pounds. Your amniotic fluid has reached its maximum density of two to six cups. To get ready for breastfeeding, attend La Leche League International meetings or other breastfeeding classes.


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