Friday, November 07, 2008

Keep on Keeping on

I'm happy the election is over. I'm not thrilled about the outcome, but I wasn't thrilled about either candidate. I'm just very very happy it's over. Now, if they'll both play as nicely in the sandbox as the Tuesday night speeches promised, I'll be happy camper. Not to be pessimistic, but that seems like a longshot.

There is a lot to do before baby arrives. Every time I feel like I've made some progress with getting things decided or scheduled or purchased, it seems like five new tasks emerge from the woodwork. I'm only 8 weeks away from my due date. I'm not panicking yet, but it may be coming soon.

And, considering that the baby is due in 8 weeks, that means that Christmas is less than 8 weeks away. YIKES! Craig and I have decided not to do gifts again this year (we didn't last year, either). It helps me to focus on the real celebration of Christmas and not get quite so caught up in the commercialization of the holiday. That doesn't mean that I haven't had almost daily urges to go dig out the Christmas decorations and splatter the house. I'll show some restraint and wait until after Thanksgiving. Maybe.

Two weeks at home and I'm not bored yet. In fact, it's been so busy with choir rehearsals leading up to last week's concert, Junior League stuff, childbirth education classes and trying to get baby things in order that I haven't been able to get to the regular maintenance- like weeding my flower beds and reading my magazines.

A week from today, my mom arrives for a short weekend visit. I'm really excited to see her. It will be the last visit before the baby arrives, so I expect a lot of running around trying to get things purchased and set-up in the nursery. We'll also be celebrating Thanksgiving a couple of weeks early while she's here and I LOVE Thanksgiving dinner...YUM!


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