Tuesday, December 02, 2008

On Perspective, or Silver Linings, or Whatever You Want to Call It

We have 'water damage'...due to a leaky dishwasher leaking all over the surrounding cabinets and through a wall, into the carpet in our dining room.

While this is a bad thing because I'm 8 months+ pregnant and our budget (with baby arriving and planning for maternity leave) is just SHOT, I'm determined to find the GOOD in this:

  1. Timing...actually could be worse. I mean, what if this were January and Craig were having to deal with the insurance company and contractors and cleaning up this mess ON TOP OF a weeks-old infant and starting classes? Yeah, that would really suck. This? This is just inconvenient.
  2. Insurance...we have it. After checking our policy this morning, we're pretty well covered. We should be able to get a replacement dishwasher and new cabinets without more than our deductible.
  3. New Dishwasher...we needed one anyway. And my crappy countertops will likely be replaced (read: upgraded) as well.

Oh well. It will be what it will be. Other than being grateful in this particular circumstance, I'm also grateful for the following things today:

  • Subway Sandwiches. I never get out for lunch but with Craig home and the kitchen a 'no go' zone, I got to go out for lunch. I really like Subway sandwiches.
  • Christmas Music. I ripped all of my Christmas CDs onto my computer this morning and created an ELEVEN HOUR Christmas music playlist. Christmas music is one of my favorite things about this time of year (along with Yankee Candle's Christmas Eve scent, real wood burning fireplaces, clear christmas lights, and Irving Berlin's White Christmas).


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