Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sylist Needed

Over a year ago, my boss treated me to a nice cut and style at a fancy big city salon while we were on the road together in Chicago. I'm always eager to find a good excuse to get back to Chicago to at least be in the region of old friends and familiar faces, but I suddenly had a new reason to head to the Windy City. This salon is now the only place that I've had my hair cut in a year and a half.

Witness the difference before and after my last cut when I was in Chicago in early October:

After I took the baby update pictures last week, I realized that it's only been two months but my hair is growing like a WEED and there is NO CHANCE that I'll be back in Chicago any time soon (both between my doctors 'no travel' orders and that little one on his way).

So, I need your help. How do I find a good new stylist in the Dallas area? I'd prefer someone up here in Plano so I don't have to go too far and I'd really prefer not to pay through the nose, but I'm desperate here folks.

I need a haircut. I mean, seriously:

It's only been TWO MONTHS. If I wait until after the baby comes, I'm going to have a serious hair crisis to deal with. I don't need that ON TOP of sleep deprivation and carrying this extra baby weight!


Anonymous Fawn said...

Uh, Cat? I really don't see a problem with either of your "before" pictures. Why is it that gals with curly hair want to make their hair straight? That before pic from last October is *adorable*!

The after picture is lovely, too, of course!

One thing I found after Jade was born was that my hair was constantly in my face. It drove me crazy because you're always looking DOWN at the baby. Getting bangs at that point was the best thing EVER.

Good luck on your search for a stylist!

12/03/2008 1:36 PM  

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