Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Learn Your Lessons Well

People said that motherhood will change you. Boy, were they right! I have been known to be somewhat impatient and demanding (hold the snickering, please). Particularly when it comes to sleep.

I have threatened to end friendships over a 2am drunk dial on a Tuesday night. After a few too many early norning (read: 3-5am) texts, I told off my boss. She finally learned: no texting before 8am. I am a bear to wake up. I'm a morning person, so fortunaltely for our marriage, I'm frequently the first one out of bed. At least Craig rarely has to be the one to wake me up.

You see, sleep is sacred to me.

And yet, after a week of waking every 2-3 hours to nurse, I don't feel the need to smash anyone's head against a wall (mostly mine). I'm finding small comforts in the absolutely irresistible "milk drunk pirate" looks that Truman produces after a good feeding. I find it incredible that my body is able to produce and provide the perfect nutritional cocktail to sustain and grow another living being.

Call it mid-night delirium, but I think I'm actually learning some patience.

Ask me again in the morning...when I'm tring to operate on 3 hours of sleep (sitting up with an squirming infant in my arms).


Blogger Jenn said...

Yeah hormones!

1/15/2009 6:23 AM  

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