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New Year's Resolutions 2009

New Year's Baby
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I usually have around 5 things that I put out there as "New Year's Resolutions" each year. I didn't do this last year with the move and miscarraige and all the other craziness going on.

The year before (2007), I had the following resolutions:
1) Lose 45 pounds
2) Eliminate credit card debt
3) Complete a half marathon
4) Complete a course/class for professional development
5) Participate in a small group bible study

Well, 3 of 5 ain't bad (I accomplished 3, 4 and 5). I ran the Madison Half Marathon with Maria in May. I completed a Dale Carnegie Sales Advantage Course. And I participated in NUMEROUS small group bible studies in Florida (connecting me with some TERRIFIC women).

I've realized that I've set out to lose weight and eliminate credit card debt for about 3-4 years in a row now. Seeing as how those always seem to be the two that are left UNaccomplished at the end of the year, I'm going to take a different outlook on my 2009 goals:

1) Run a 5K by mid-year
2) Complete a sprint triathlon
3) Take lots of photos of Truman's first year (minimum of monthly photo sessions)
4) Find ways to keep the romance alive in my marraige
5) Stay sane

Seeing as how I'm carrying around a bunch of extra 'baby weight' in addition to the stuff I was already trying to lose, I don't want to put a specific number on the amount of pounds that I want to lose. More important to me is just reclaiming my body and being comfortable in my own skin again....regardless of the number on the scale. I know that being able to run a 5K (likely in the first half of the year) and complete a triathlon (in the second half of the year) will get my body back in a shape that I will definitely feel better in.

I also want to find ways to savor Truman's first year with us. I've heard a darth of advice from mom's about what they wish they did and didn't do with their kids. The number one piece of advice was just to enjoy each and every day. Cause about the time that you start wishing the baby would be able to move, you just want them to be able to sit still for two minutes. It's better just to enjoy each and every stage for what it is and the goodness that it holds instead of waiting for the next developmental milestone.

We have been really fortunate to be married for 6 years and spend that time getting to know each other and enjoy each other's company. I can honestly say that Craig is my best friend. I'm heading into 2009 knowing that this year is going to be a BIG trial on our marraige. A new baby. His MBA program. I don't want to put a specific task on this resolution (for instance, in 2006 I had the goal of going on dates more frequently) since I'm not really sure what TIME is going to be available to us. This past year was blessed with pretty consistent Friday Night Date Nights. In 2009, I will be happy if we can find small and meaningful ways to show our affection for each other and keep the romance alive in our relationship, regardless of the other influences on our time and attention.

Although this last resolution seems a bit sarcastic, I'm actually sincere about it. I was incredibly blessed in 2008 to have gotten involved with the Plano Civic Chorus, the Junior League of Plano, and the women's ministry activities at church. These activities were instrumental in maintaining (establishing?) my sanity during a very topsy-turvy time of adjustment to life in Texas. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to continue doing (see time constaints described above), but I do want to find ways to continue being ME and preserve what little sanity I've found in 2008.


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