Sunday, January 04, 2009


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Most people I talk to these days are surprised that I'm still up and about and feeling good. My doctor and several other women who have been through pregnancy have said that when you start feeling miserable, then you're ready. Well, I can tell you that while I DON'T feel miserable, I'm certainly ready. It's a frustrating conversation, actually. I've had it so many goes something like this:

Person: So, when are you due?!

Me: 4 days ago.

Person: How are you feeling?

Me: Ready.

Person: But you look pretty good...are you feeling miserable yet?

Me: No. In fact, I feel pretty great.

Person: Well, then you must not be ready.


(in my head, I'm giving them the look of death and imagining all of the horrible ways I could hurt them)

Me: (tight-smiling) Funny you should say that...


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