Saturday, January 03, 2009

Waiting for Truman

Sounds like a movie title, doesn't it?

Well, that's the story 'round these parts. At my doctor's appointment last Tuesday, my doctor scheduled an induction for Wednesday, January 7th. I have an appointment at 10am on Tuesday morning. If I'm not progressing into labor on my own at that point, I'll head to the hospital for a 10pm admission. Overnight while we wait for things to progress with the assistance of drugs and anticipate Truman's arrival sometime on Wednesday.

Of course, we're still praying and hoping that he'll decide to make his grand entrance on his own accord sometime before then.

Regardless, we'll have a baby with us within the It's finally here.

I've been trying all sorts of 'natural' induction methods: exercise, spicy foods, sex, you name it. Nothing has worked so far.

So today, I'm going to just go ahead and enjoy the day. Craig and I have long enjoyed lazy Saturday and Sunday mornings, reading and relaxing. I just realized that this will be our last one. Along with Truman's arrival next week, Craig starts classes on Thursday for his MBA program. In addition to an infant, I'll have to adjust to Craig's new schedule of classes, studying and study groups.


I'm excited for all of the changes, but it also feels a bit overwhelming to be happening all at once. Nothing to do now but roll with the punches and enjoy each and every moment.


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