Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Warning: Possible TMI

Apparently, my cervix is just like me: stubborn. After laboring for 22 hours, I had made hardly any progress (only a 3) and I was in intense pain from the contractions. My original plan was to go as drug-free as possible. That plan went out the window with faced with the options of either a cesarian or epidural. I chose the epidural and feel like a human again instead of some crazy feral animal. In less than an hour, I've already made dilation progress (I'm now a 5) and feel GREAT.

My doctor made the best analogy: Just like the marraige is way more important than the one day wedding, so too a healthy baby is way more important than the birth.

I'm remaining optimistic that Truman will arrive vaginally (improving my recovery time) but am settled on being "OK" even if I end up having a c-section. We're still happily looking forward to his arrival.


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